Abies alba 'Pyramidalis' 3 - Year Graft

Evergreens and Conifers : Abies alba 'Pyramidalis' 3 - Year Graft

Abies alba Pyramidalis   3  - Year Graft

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Abies alba 'Pyramidalis'
(Pyramidalis Silver Fir)

* Full sun - partial shade * Zones 3-6  * 15' tall  * 20' wide *

A very upright Silver Fir!

Excellent conifer for smaller gardens!

Abies alba 'Pyramidalis' Is a narrow column of very dark evergreen needles. The new growth flushes out a creamy yellow then changes to dark green with silver undersides. Pyramidalis silver fir is an excellent conifer for smaller gardens or as a focal point.

A densely needled ornamental conifer, the European 'Pyramidalis' silver fir has deep green needles with a silvery underside. It was found as a sport on a silver fir growing in England in 1851. This conifer is a native plant of southern European mountains- from the Pyrennes eastward across the Alps and into the Caucusus. The unique Pyramidalis silver fir shape leads it to more ornate uses in park and garden settings in comparison its the parent species. WIth time, the smooth gray bark eventually cracks into plates.

Grow 'Pyramidalis' in full sun to partial shade in a non-alkaline soil that is fertile, moist and well-draining. Protect from hot summer winds and intense afternoon sunlight in regions with hot summers.

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