Abies nordmanniana ‘Golden Spreader' 1 - Year Graft

Dwarf Evergreens and Conifers : Abies nordmanniana ‘Golden Spreader' 1 - Year Graft

Abies nordmanniana ‘Golden Spreader 1 - Year Graft

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Abies nordmanniana ‘Golden Spreader'
(Golden Spreader Fir)
* Full sun - partial shade * Zones 5-7  * 2' tall  * 2.5' wide * 
A dwarf Golden Fir!
Excellent conifer for smaller gardens! 
Provides an eye-catching splash of color in miniature landscapes
Abies nordmanniana Golden Spreader.  The bright, golden yellow of this low, spreading fir is especially striking in winter when much of the garden’s color has faded. During the rest of the year, the versatile, useful plant brightens areas of partial shade, which it appreciates. dwarf form of the Caucasian Fir originally discovered in a Dutch Nursery nearly 50 years ago. Develops into a low, flat, rounded slow growing specimen, 3" a year.
Goes well with Dwarf Korean Fir, Dragon Eye Pine, Vanderwolf Pyramid Pine as well as Pinus parviflora 'Glauca'. Check out our store for these great

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