Acer circinatum 'Sunglow' (Sunglow Oregon Vine Maple) 3 - Year Plant

Dwarf and Semi Dwarf Maples : Acer circinatum 'Sunglow' (Sunglow Oregon Vine Maple) 3 - Year Plant

Acer circinatum Sunglow  (Sunglow Oregon Vine Maple) 3 - Year Plant

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Acer circinatum 'Sunglow' 
(Sunglow Oregon Vine Maple) 
* Part shade * Zones 5-9 * 6' tall * 5' wide
Stunning Dwarf Pacific Northwest native!
Beautiful new Spring foliage!
Seeds are favorite foods of songbirds!
Acer circinatum 'Sunglow' is just a magnificent specimen, with a dwarf habit, intense color changes, and a terrific ability to withstand heat and humidity. Each leaf is an exquisite little fan, and with every season come new hues to delight you.
The leaves unfurl in spring a bright yellow overlaid with coral. You can still see traces of this coral around the edges in summer, and then in autumn the foliage turns a brilliant, rich plum. Spectacular!
The look of these leaves might remind you of the Japanese Full Moon Maple, but 'Sunglow' is a far better tree for warm climates. It is quite tolerant of heat and humidity, and is a native tree (found along the Pacific Coast). Culture it as you would a Japanese Maple, however, giving it a break from full afternoon sun.
'Sunglow' reaches just 5 or 6 feet tall after 10 years' growth, eventually topping out at 8 feet high and 6 feet wide. It is a multi-stemmed tree with a full, dense, shrubby look that is very attractive. Give it partial sunlight only, keep it very well-watered and fed the first few years, and it will reward you with a lifetime of beauty. Zones 5-8.

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