Acer japonicum 'Kujaku Nishiki' 1 - Year Graft

Dwarf and Semi Dwarf Maples : Acer japonicum 'Kujaku Nishiki' 1 - Year Graft

Acer japonicum Kujaku Nishiki 1 - Year Graft

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Acer japonicum 'Kujaku Nishiki'

(Kujaku Nishiki Japanese Maple)

* Part shade-Full shade  * Zones 5-9  * 4' tall  * 4' wide * Origin Japanr!

Delicate eggshell white variegation!

Intricately dissected green foliage!

Acer japonicum 'Kujaku Nishiki' The Kujaku Nishiki Japanese maple is a small deciduous small tree with an irregular spreading form. Leaves are deeply dissected green structures with creamy-white variegation on theKujaku Nishiki Japanese maple. This variety of maple prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained soil. 4' tall x 4' wide in 10 years. The Kujaku Nishiki Japanese maple is both distinct and intriguing!

 Light or dappled shade is best for the Kujaku Nishiki Japanese maple. Good soil preparation with plenty of organic material will insure your tree flourishes.

Companion Plants:

Goes well with  'Shaina', 'Aureum' and 'Beni Schichihenge' Japanese Maples. Check out our store for these great plants!

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