Acer palmatum 'Aoyagi' 2 - Year Graft

Japanese Maples : Acer palmatum 'Aoyagi' 2 - Year Graft

Acer palmatum Aoyagi   2 - Year Graft

$3.25 - Each Additional

Acer palmatum 'Aoyagi'

(Aoyagi Japanese Maple)

* Part shade  * Zones 5-8  * 15'-25' tall * 20' wide

Aoyagi- the green-barked counterpart of the coral-bark maple!

Great for bonsai use!


The name 'Aoyagi' means 'green coral', a name refering to the coral-bark maples, most famously Sango Kaku. This green-barked counterpart of the coral-bark maple has outstanding pea-green bark color. The Aoyagi Japanese Maple's green  coloration is of particular interest in winter, when the bark looks aesthetically pleasing against snow. The tree is somewhat smaller than 'Sango kaku', usually growing to 15-25'. However, the two do well when planted together. The leaves are a lighter green in summer, which change to a calm yellow in fall. This cultivar has been around since the 1890s. The Aoyagi Japanese Maple is an excellent maple for bonsai. The coral  green makes it a very unique tree indeed! 

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