Acer palmatum 'Hippy Fin Mo' 2 - Year Graft

Dwarf and Semi Dwarf Maples : Acer palmatum 'Hippy Fin Mo' 2 - Year Graft

Acer palmatum Hippy Fin Mo   2 - Year Graft

$3.25 - Each Additional

Acer palmatum 'Hippy Fin Mo'

(Hippy Fin Mo Japanese Maple)

* Partial shade * Zones 6-9 * 6' tall * 3' wide * Well-drained soil * Origin Japan *

Curling leaves!

Fantastic fall color!

Great container plant or bonsai!

Acer palmatum 'Hippy Fin Mo'. The Hippy Fin Mo Japanese maple has phenomenal texture and form! It is a petite maple with slow growth, reaching full maturity in ten years. This cultivar is comparible to 'Kurui jishi' and 'Okushimo' Japanese maples. The Hippy Fin Mo Japanese maple is grown for its distinguished foliage, comprised of small upturned/lightly curled leaves. Appreciate how light green spring and summer coloration turns vibrant yellow to orange in the fall! The dainty size of thie dwarf maple makes it an ideal garden addition, cmall container plant and excellent bonsai choice! Partial shade is required.


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