Acer shirasawanum 'Green Flag' 1 - Year Graft

Dwarf and Semi Dwarf Maples : Acer shirasawanum 'Green Flag' 1 - Year Graft

Acer shirasawanum Green Flag 1 - Year Graft

$3.25 - Each Additional
Acer shirasawanum 'Green Flag'
(Green Flag Japanese Maple)
* Full sun to Part shade  * Zones 5-8  * 8' tall * 4' wide
A delicate yet stout small tree-only 8 feet tall!!!
Acer shirasawanum 'Green Flag' A deciduous upright tree with small green rounded leaves. Possible hybrid between a palmatum and shirasawanum. Fall color is yellow to orange. Prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained soil. 
Companion Plants:
Goes well with  'Green Filgree Lace' and 'Viridis' Japanese Maples as well as Variegated Hakone Grass. Check out our store for these great plants!

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