Carpinus caroliniana 4 - Year Tree

Bonsai Suitable Plants : Carpinus caroliniana 4 - Year Tree

Carpinus caroliniana  4 - Year Tree

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Carpinus caroliniana

(Carolina Hornbeam)

* Full sun-Part shade  * Zones 5-9  * 20' tall  * 15' wide

Great for bonsai!

Beautiful new Spring foliage!

Fall leaves turn red, yellow and orange, not diffusely but in stripes!

Korean Hornbeam seedling. The picture shown is a mature bonsai, you are bidding on a 2 year old seedling, Korean Hornbeam. This picture is to give you an idea of  what you can do with this Korean Hornbeam seedling.


Carpinus caroliniana one of the finest hornbeams for smaller bonsai. The tiny pleated leaves reduce easily to under 1 inch and it attains a zig-zag twiggy character after only a year in a bonsai pot. The real treat is in the fall when the leaves turn red, yellow and orange, not diffusely but in stripes. We have seen leaves where one half of the leaf separated by the midvein was red and the other half yellow or orange. The striping will also occur between the side veins of the leaves.


It should also make a very nice small ornamental tree. Needs protection from afternoon sun  in the hottest, driest areas. This is a slower growing hornbeam.

Companion Plants:

Goes well with  'Viridis' and 'Beni Schichihenge' Japanese Maples as well as Variegated Hakone Grass. Check out our store for these great plants!

Thanks for looking!

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