Carpinus japonica 3 - Year Tree

Bonsai Suitable Plants : Carpinus japonica 3 - Year Tree

Carpinus japonica   3 - Year Tree

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Carpinus japonica

(Japanese Hornbeam)

* Full sun-Part shade  * Zones 4-9  * 20' tall  * 15' wide

One of the top choices for bonsai!

Beautiful new serrated leaves!

Beautiful pink flower racemes in spring that turn yellow-green!

Japanese Hornbeam seedling. The picture shown is a mature bonsai, you are bidding on a 3 year old seedling, Korean Hornbeam. This picture is to give you an idea of  what you can do with this Korean Hornbeam seedling.


Carpinus japonica Native to Japan the Japanese Hornbeam has elliptical, heavily veined leaves that are neatly pleated as if they'd been folded up and then unfolded and they have sharply serrated edges. It is similar to the Korean Hornbeam but with longer narrower leaves and less twiggy growth. Has beautiful pink flower racemes in spring that turn yellow-green and smooth pink-grey fluted bark. The fall color is faintly orange to yellow and stands out in the landscape in the fall. Brown leaves often hang on the tree into the winter. Deciduous. Keep outdoors.

Plant in full sun or part shade, and well-drained soil. Carpinus japonica was a 2008 Great Plant Pick

Companion Plants:

Goes well with  'Viridis' and 'Beni Schichihenge' Japanese Maples as well as Variegated Hakone Grass. Check out our store for these great plants!

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