Cryptomeria japonica 'Knaptonensis' 2 - Year Cutting

Dwarf Evergreens and Conifers : Cryptomeria japonica 'Knaptonensis' 2 - Year Cutting

Cryptomeria japonica Knaptonensis 2 - Year Cutting

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Cryptomeria japonica 'Knaptonensis'

(Knaptonensis Japanese Cedar)

* Part shade  * Zones 5-8  * 3' tall X  3' wide

Each year's new growth emerges snow-white before changing to lime green!

A needled evergreen that prefers shade!

2 Year Knaptonensis Japanese Cedar, ungrafted, grown from a cutting

Knaptonensis Japanese Cedar it's unusual to find a needled evergreen that prefers shade, and this little Japanese Cedar is variegated to boot: each year's new growth emerges snow-white before changing to lime green. Discovered in Italy as a witch's broom, 'Knaptonensis', a semidwarf, is of particularly value in a winter shade garden.This genus in the Cypress family has just one species, which in the wild is a large, quick-growing, evergreen with beautiful fibrous bark, not unlike a giant Redwood. There are well over 50 varieties in sizes, shapes and textures perfect for many landscape situations, from ornamental trees to gems sought by Dwarf Conifer collectors. All prefer humus-rich, acid soil and a protected spot.

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