Fargesia murielae 2 - Year Plant

Bamboo/Ornamental Grasses : Fargesia murielae 2 - Year Plant

Fargesia murielae   2 - Year Plant

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Fargesia murielae

(Umbrella Bamboo)

* Full sun partial shade  * Zone 4-10  * 10-15' tall 

One of the hardiest bamboo growing at 10,000' in china Hardy to -30 F !

Exotic tropical green foliage with orange red cane sheaths!!

 Makes a great non-invasive screen!


Fargesia murielae.  Plants are 2 years old now in one gallon containers and are very fast growing.

Fargesia murielae is perhaps one of the most important plant introductions of the 20th century. Discovered by Ernest H. Wilson in 1907 and named after his daughter Muriel. He considered this plant to be one of the most beautiful of all bamboos. Plants were first propagated at the Royal Botanical Garden at Kew, London, England in 1913. It originates from the Hubei Province in China at elevations up to 9,850 ft. and is one of the most cold hardy of all bamboos along with Fargesia nitida down to -20 F. This bamboo is surviving well in exposed areas of Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the Northeastern United States. Fargesia murielae has a soft cascading canopy and lush pea green leaves. It looks best when planted in an area that gets afternoon shade or dappled sunlight throughout the day. Fargesia murielae will remain evergreen throughout the year, although it usually sheds some leaves in October and November. The striking color combination of yellowing leaves about to fall off and the pea green leaves staying, is a beautiful site to behold each year in our garden.

You will receive 1 foot tall fast growing plants.  Plants are shipped semi bare root to save on Priority Mail shipping fee.

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Goes well with Variegated Japanese Forest Grass,  Zebra Grass, and 'Bloodgood' Japanese Maple.  Check out our store to find these and other great plants!

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