Phyllostachys Aurea 2 - Year Plant

Bamboo/Ornamental Grasses : Phyllostachys Aurea 2 - Year Plant

Phyllostachys Aurea  2 - Year Plant

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Phyllostachys Aurea

(Golden Bamboo)

* Full sun partial shade * Zone 5-9 * 26' tall

Bright yellow canes!!

Makes a great screen!

Shoots come up in early spring and are often red in color

Phyllostachys aurea  Plants are 2 years old now in one gallon containers and are very fast growing.

This fine bamboo has a bright, lemon yellow culm which gains a red blush in the spring when the new shoots are exposed to direct sunlight. It is among the most cold hardy bamboos and can grow just about anywhere in the United States. It's upright growth habit makes it a good choice when a narrow, colorful screen is desired.

Average mature size 1.5" canes x 26' tall Hardy to -15 F

Growing quickly, "Golden Bamboo" reaches mature height within 5 years, even when started from a small division. The lower branches produce dense, evergreen foliage, beginning at two feet, extending to the top of the canopy. In colder regions it often tops out at 15 to 20 feet, though in mild climates, such as the Pacific Northwest, it can achieve 25 feet in height.

P. aurea prefers full sun but is shade tolerant as well, and can add a bright and interesting color to a dark corner of the yard. It also makes an excellect container plant, being very cold hardy and upright.

 Plants are shipped semi bare root to save on Priority Mail shipping fee.

Companion Plants:

Goes well with Variegated Japanese Forest Grass, Zebra Grass, and 'Bloodgood' Japanese Maple.

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