Picea abies 'Cupressina' 4 - Year Graft

Evergreens and Conifers : Picea abies 'Cupressina' 4 - Year Graft

Picea abies Cupressina  4 - Year Graft

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Picea abies 'Cupressina'
(Cupressina Norway Spruce)

* Part shade  * Zones 2-7  * 25-40' tall  * 10-15' wide *

A Super fast growing Spruce, with dark green needles  grows a foot a year, Great for tight places!

New cones are bright red/purple and the new growth is light yellow green!

A very narrow, upright form of the Norway Spruce

Cupressina Norway Spruce - Discovered almost a century ago in Germany, this popular European tree is gaining a positive reputation in America, as it becomes moreavailable. Picea abies 'Cupressina' is the columnar form of "NorwaySpruce"; at six feet tall, it is only two feet wide and achieving this in only six years. Picea abies 'Cupressina' is an excellent screening plant with dark green needles that are more attractive than the straight needles of theNorway Spruce. In addition to its much-desired narrow form, this tree also hasa higher tolerance for snow loads than do most fastigiate types.

Companion Plants:
Goes well with  Pinus parviflora 'Glauca', Vanderwolf's Pyramid Pine, Thunderhead Pine as well as Black Bamboo. Check out our store for these great plants!

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