Pinus koraiensis 'Morris Blue' 2 - Year Graft

Dwarf Evergreens and Conifers : Pinus koraiensis 'Morris Blue' 2 - Year Graft

Pinus koraiensis Morris Blue  2 - Year Graft

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Pinus koraiensis ’Morris Blue
(Dwarf Korean Blue Pine)
* Full sun  * Zones 3-8  * 8' tall  * 4' wide *

A Dwarf Conifer, it only grows 8' tall x 4' wide!
A beautiful Blue needled Korean Pine!
Beautiful red cones that eventually turn brown!

Pinus koraiensis ’Morris Blue’ is very similar to Pinus koraiensis ’Silveray’ in both growth habit and superior color. ’Silveray’ is considered the standard of excellence in Europe, so the lack of distinguishable differences between these two leads one to believe that the American variety is sure to be just as popular in the future. It was selected at the Morris Arboretum and has all the attributes of a landscape asset. This compact tree has twisting olive-green needles marked with fine silver lines, producing a two-tone bluish effect. These needles are retained for several seasons, and the appearance is always tight and lush. Considered to be one of the hardiest Pine.  It grows eight feet tall by four feet wide in ten years; each year making this plant even more beautiful! Zone 3  Perfect for the Small Garden!
Companion Plants:
Goes well with Thunderhead Pine, Dragon Eye Pine, Vanderwolf Pyramid Pine  as well as Black Bamboo. Check out our store for these great plants!

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