Pinus longaeva 'Sherwood Compact' 2 - Year Graft

Dwarf Evergreens and Conifers : Pinus longaeva 'Sherwood Compact' 2 - Year Graft

Pinus longaeva Sherwood Compact    2 - Year Graft

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Pinus longaeva 'Sherwood Compact'
(Dwarf Bristlecone Pine)

* Full sun * Zones 3-8 * 4' tall * 2' wide * Origin Oregon

A dwarf Bristlecone Pine!

Purple cones in Spring!

Pinus longaeva 'Sherwood Compact' Mr. Andrew Sherwood of Gresham, Oregon introduced this plant many years ago as Pinus aristata 'Sherwood Compact', a form or the Bristlecone Pine.However, unlike most Bristlecone Pines it does not have the apparent resinspots on the needles. It appears to be a form of Pinus longaeva (formerly Pinusaristata ssp. longaeva) the Western or Great Basinform of the Bristlecone Pine. There is also a possiblility that it could be aselection of Pinus balfouriana (the Foxtail Pine). It is a narrow conical dwarfselection that is very handsome, no matter the true species designation. Itforms a dense cone, and is always attractive. It grows slowly, reaching 4 feetin 15 years. Zone 3

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Goes well with Thunderhead Pine, Dragon Eyer Pine, Vanderwolf Pyramid Pine as well as Black Bamboo. Check out our store for these great plants!

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