Pinus strobus 'Mini Twist' 3 - Year Graft

Dwarf Evergreens and Conifers : Pinus strobus 'Mini Twist' 3 - Year Graft

Pinus strobus Mini Twist 3 - Year Graft

$3.25 - Each Additional

Pinus strobus 'Mini Twist'

(Mini Twist Eastern White Pine)

* Sun to partial shade * Zones 3-8 * 2.5' tall * 2.5' wide * Well-drained soil * Origin Europe

Spunky, twisted needles!

A dwarf!

Ideal rock garden addition!

Pinus strobus 'Mini Twist'. Mini Twist Eastern White Pine is an eye catching evergreen selection. This cultivar is a minaitre dwarf white pine that only reaches 2.5' by 2.5' in ten years, but eventually 4' by 4' in total. The young Mini Twist is compact and round in form, eventually turning pyramidal with age. Needles are a dark green and twist and curl in intersting directions. Appreciate the Mini Twist as a spunky public or private rock garden accent!

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