Sasa Tessellata 4 - Year Plant

Bamboo/Ornamental Grasses : Sasa Tessellata 4 - Year Plant

Sasa Tessellata  4 - Year Plant

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Sasa Tessellata

(Long Leaf Bamboo)

* Full sun partial shade  * Zone 6-10  * 6' tall 

Has the largest leaves of any temperate bamboo!!

 Makes a great non-invasive 6' screen!

Drought Tolerant, Low Maintenance

Sasa Tessellata Clumping Bamboo plant.  Plants are 2-3 feet tall now and are very fast growing.

Sasa Tessellata is a non-invasive clumping bamboo which makes a good feature in a rockery or lawns.  It originates from China and is appropriately called the Long Leaf Bamboo as it has the largest leaves of any temperate bamboo, which can reach an impressive 2' x 4' in surface area. Its oblong, dark green glossy leaves are distributed in clumps on spindly culms only 8 -10mm in diameter.

You will receive 2 -3 foot tall fast growing plants.

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