Stewartia rostrata 2 - Year Seedling

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Stewartia rostrata 2 - Year Seedling

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Stewartia rostrata

(Stewartia rostrata)

* Sun to part shade  * Zones 6-9  * Height 15' tall  x  10' wide 

Flowers are 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide!

White flowers with yellow stamens, bloom over a month long!

Exceedingly rare stewartia from China!

Stewartia rostrata has flower buds which open to white Camellia-like flowers set in large reddish bracts in May and June. The habit is that of a large upright shrub with attractive grey-brown bark. Rostrata is perfect for the woodland setting.  It is very similar to Stewartia pseudocamellia but with smaller flowers. 

This little gem comes for eastern China. brought to the US in 1936 (thought to be S. sinensis) from Lushan Botanic Garden of China. It is very rare and hard to come. In 1974 it was named for its distinct, persistent seed capsules, 1" long, 5/8" wide (in Latin, rostrata means beaked). Leaves are 6" x 2.5", with a rubbery textureand a  wet glossy look, very short-stemmed. Flowers are similar to S. pseudocamellia. Bark rough, gray, brown, quite beutiful actually. Records: can reach 40' in height in the wild; There are several  in Seattle, WA 23'-25' tall (1994).

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