Stewartia sinensis 2 - Year Seedling

Flowering Trees and Shrubs : Stewartia sinensis 2 - Year Seedling

Stewartia sinensis 2 - Year Seedling

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Stewartia sinensis

(Chinese Stewartia)

* Sun to part shade  * Zones 6-9  * Height 15' tall  x  10' wide 

Huge Flowers are 1 to 2 inches wide!

White flowers, last over a month long!

Dark green leaves!

Stewartia sinensis The Chinese Stewartia. This little gem comes from China. When the Chinese Stewartia is young, its bark peels in translucent scrolls, revealing purple-brown inner bark, but at maturity the bark assumes the dramatic smoothness of alabaster and the light tan color of weathered sandstone.

The habit is that of a large upright shrub. This a very rare plant, perfect for the woodland setting.  Beautiful red and Yellow Fall color.

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