Thujopsis dolabrata 'Variegata' 2 - Year Cutting

Evergreens and Conifers : Thujopsis dolabrata 'Variegata' 2 - Year Cutting

Thujopsis dolabrata Variegata     2 - Year Cutting

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Thujopsis dolabrata 'Variegata'
(Variegated Elk Horn Cedar)

* Full sun  * Zones 5-8  * 40' tall  * 25' wide

A green and white variegated Thuja like evergreen !

This is a tree that will not fail to be noticed!

 Thujopsis dolabrata 'variegata'.  Well rooted cutting.

Thujopsis dolabrata 'Variegata' is one of the most beautiful 'cedars' in the world, Thujopsis dolabrata 'Variegata' is a handsome Variegated pyramidal specimen standing 40 feet high, a native of moist forests in Japan with dark green and glistening foliage. Looking at the silvery backside of a branch, visible markings of stomata (pores) are visible. Stomata can be found in all plant leaves, are usually invisible, take in carbon dioxide and expel water vapor and oxygen. Thujopsis means "like a Thuja or cedar", which is where the common name 'cedar' is derived. T. dolabrata, like many other trees with the common name cedar, is actually not a true cedar. , however, has many qualities that true cedars demonstrate and was most likely given its name due to its similarity to the genus Cedrus. Dolabrata means hatchet-like and refers to the shape of the stomata.

Thujopsis dolabrata 'Variegata'differs from Incense Cedar and Red Cedar as it has wider flatter branches and visible stomata. Cone shape is also quite variable, tending to be globular more than flask-like. Like other cedars and Cedrus, the bark is shreddy and scented.

Companion Plants:  Goes well with  Pinus parviflora 'Glauca', Dragon Eyer Pine, Thunderhead Pine as well as Black Bamboo. Check out our store for these great plants!


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